Kelli Russell Yoga

Setu Bandha Pose builds strength in your legs and low back as well as diminishing back pain. To gain the most benefit, you’ll need to lift your lower back as high as possible without strain. Try these two techniques to fully activate your Bridge Pose so that next time you practice without props, your body’s […]

You might call me a “Type-A” student: the type that wants to get the pose just right, in perfect alignment, at the highest intensity safety will allow. I started practicing about 12 years ago, when “tuck your tailbone under” was one of the most used yoga phrases I heard from teachers. I felt an intense […]

Kelli Russell doing Floating Chinstand

Photo: Erin Blair Studio “I know you love doing the poses, but they are only one part of this thing called yoga. Right now these poses are fun and all, but don’t get discouraged when it starts to get hard. Always know that yoga is about the body and the mind, and at a certain […]